Snapper ceviche

Nothing says summer like fresh lime juice, fresh fish & fresh herbs. I fell in love with ceviche while living in Mexico last summer. I’d had the popular appetizer many a time during my visits to Mexico as a tourist, but last summer while I was working as a dive master in Cozumel, I actually got to see it made first hand. To be perfectly honest, I was pretty alarmed when I found out that the fish “cooks” in the lime juice- I kept asking my boss where the grill was! The process is called “denaturation” and while it doesn’t cook the fish the same way heat does, the citric acid in the lime juice does alter its chemical and physical states, turning the fish firm and opaque (chemistry lesson for the day.)

I made a classic ceviche featuring some red snapper but you could use any white fish you like- mahi mahi would be delicious. Make this for your next summer get together- no grilling required!

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.32.16 PM


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