nutella-stuffed salted dark chocolate cookies


Sometimes, you need a little indulgence in your life. And these cookies are the perfect form of that. It all starts with a rich, dense and fudgy chocolate cookie that’s delicious on its own. But here at Meggs Benedict, we like to take things over the top! Which is why these cookies are stuffed with Nutella and finished with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt.


There’s a reason I made such an indulgent cookie and that’s because…. *drumroll* I am changing my diet from here on out. So these cookies are my last supper essentially (yes, I did eat them for dinner last night.. oops!) I’m cutting out dark meat, dairy and booze for at least the next month. I’ve been super fortunate to never have dietary issues, up until this point. The past year has been marked by some really unhealthy eating and always saying “yes” to junk food, an extra glass of wine or an extra Nutella-stuffed cookie. Up until now, I could eat basically whatever I wanted without suffering the consequences (be that bloating, feeling ill, a change in mood, et.) Since I am starting to suffer the consequences, I’m super excited to start this lifestyle change. I’ll keep you up to date on my journey as well as provide lots of great tasting yet healthy recipes!


Anyways, back to the cookies.


A great trick I’ve learned for making stuffed cookies or cupcakes is to freeze the filling beforehand. It’s much neater that way and less likely to ooze out of the cookie while baking and create a big old mess! I took tablespoon amounts of Nutella and froze them on a cookie sheet for around 45 minutes before stuffing them into the cookie dough. The result was much tidier!


Another handy dandy trick is to put the sea salt on prior to baking. I find it settles into the cookie a little more which means your tastebuds will be blown away by the flavour trifecta! Dense, fudge-like dark chocolate cookie, ooey gooey sweet Nutella and a little bit of salt to cut all that sweetness. I love to add sea salt to even a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe to take it up a notch!


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 10.50.12 AM

What are your go-to comfort desserts? Have you ever cut out meat, dairy and/or alcohol from your diet? How did it make you feel?





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